Keep Informed by Phone with our One Call Service

In order for our church to be efficient with communication, we utilize an innovative, free message service to keep in touch with our members and friends on a weekly basis; and as needed to get out information on events and happenings.  

Pastor Micheal sends out a call mid-week to let everyone know what the subject matter for Sunday's worship will be, along with any events or news.


There is also the ability to sign-up for our Prayer Chain calls, which are driven by folks who request prayers for friends and loved ones. 

Not at home or able to take the call?  The system will automatically leave a voicemail message!

If you happen to have an issue with a call hanging up or not leaving a message, One Call informed us that it is just a glitch in the system that occasionally happens when the system cannot recognize if someone answered the phone or not. One tip that they gave us was that if you do answer, to say 'HELLO' loudly and clearly. 

Sign-up below! It's free! 

(If you'd like to be included on the prayer chain, please include that in your message) 

Thanks for signing up for One Call!

An email address is required to sign-up for One Call from the website.  If you'd rather sign-up without providing an email address...please call the office at (330)-549-2169. 

Please note that we do not share any of the information that you entered above. It is only for the purpose of your One Call subscription.