Christian Education Opportunities at Mt. Olivet

Find your growth here!  

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Mt. Olivet is a church where people love to gather together

and rely on each other for support.


We have very devoted and talented members who volunteer their time to lead these educational opportunities for both youth and adults.


Our congregation is composed of people who have a variety of needs and life experiences and situations. We invite you into our home with the hopes that you will want to make your place here, as well. 

Keep reading for more details about what Mt. Olivet

has to offer you and your family.

Youth Programs 

MTO has programs geared to all ages from preschool through high school.

Sunday Mornings at 9:30am - on the third floor


Learning should be exciting and learning about our Lord is no different! 

Our experienced, compassionate  teachers use lectionaries based on current UCC lesson plans, which incorporate crafts, stories, songs and playtime.

We use the NIV - New International Version Bible to study from. 


The younger kiddos will be able to learn in a hands-on way

while improving their social skills. They start to learn about the relevant

characters in the Bible and how their stories shaped our faith. 

The bigger kids get a lot of social time as they interact in groups.

Lesson plans are geared to help them understand how the Scripture

fits into their everyday life.  

Kids and adults can participate together in group crafts and service projects such as;

food distribution, building gingerbread houses, making hard tack candy,

themed dinners, growing plants, corn mazes, movie events,  day camp, game night, Confirmation classes, and so much more. 


Youth are also invited to be a part of the Contemporary Team if they have musical talents,

as well as join the Mt. Olivet Youth Handbells group, led by Natalie Biler. 

Our goal is to work with you to encourage them in learning about God's Word

and the promises and commands He gave to us to live by.  

We invite all children to join in with us!

They will be welcomed with open arms and will be asking you to come back next week!




Adult Programs 

Ages 18-118


Sunday Mornings at 9:30am - In the Chapel

Our Adult Sunday School program is growing!

It's a fascinating in-depth look at books, movies, and Scripture

that leads to a personal relationship with Christ.

It's an open discussion forum so feel free to talk about your experiences!

We do not require that you read a certain book or view a certain movie to join in. 

Adults also spend their time assisting the youth in certain projects or events. 

Fellowship is a big part of growing in faith. 

Don't be afraid to join in just because you don't know anyone! 

Participating in a church is a great way of making new friends.