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Mt. Olivet Consistory Members

Mt. Olivet is led by a group of people that volunteer their time & talents for the governance and administration of our church. These members welcome any questions that you may have in regards to church operations and functions.

Consistory generally meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

Tammie Jones - President

Tina Turnbull - Vice President

Lisa Williams - Secretary


Corinne Price - Financial Secretary

Linda Eisenbraun - Treasurer

Frank Einsiedel - Ass't Treasurer

Additional Elders:

Niki Dispenza

Kevin Dickey

Karen Sahli

Tammie Jones

Tina Turnbull (Chair)

Gary Williams


Vaughn Colkitt

John Crouse

Tina Davis

Dominick Mioni

Mary Rozzi

Lisa Williams

Jr. Deacon:


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