The Reemergence

As we make plans to reopen the first Sunday in June, we will do so cautiously as we observe other churches and places of work that are opening their doors over the next few weeks. We’ll need to make some adjustments in how we do church. The guidelines of social distancing, wearing masks and being responsible, for not only our own safety, but those around us, are important and relevant as we enter a new phase in dealing with the COVID-19 virus. One of those adjustments may mean (as captured above) sitting in a new spot in keeping six-feet apart from other folks (families, or those who live together, can sit together). Please understand that these are the suggestions to keep everyone as safe as possible, the last thing we would want to happen is to spread the disease amongst the congregation. Yet, gathering as the people of God, the Mt. Olivet community of faith is important, too, and needful. Church leadership and I have discussed the best course of action keeping both safety and worshipping in person in mind. We thank you for your faithfulness and patience during this time, we will continu

e the online worship services so that if you don’t feel safe attending in person just yet, you’ll have the option of tuning in.

In some ways the book of Acts (which we will be studying in June) is a parallel to our current situation as we reopen our doors. In Acts, the New Testament church is established, the followers of Jesus were figuring out how they would do church and what it would look like. May we be filled with grace, love and flexibility as we enter a new transition and transformation in our faith journey that could mean doing things differently, even willingly sitting in another pew…

Blessings, Pastor Michael

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