Connection From Afar

During COVID-19; we want to take full advantage of our technology to bring a sense of normalcy, comfort, and togetherness as best we can during this time of sheltering in place.

We have five main ways of staying connected with you:

1) Mt. Olivet’s Facebook page - search for ‘Mt. Olivet United Church of Christ’. It’s easy to join but if Facebook isn’t your thing…

2) YouTube links through your email - contact Stacey at the church office by email at and she will add you to the email list. These links provide you with videos of worship services and other important information. Otherwise, search for & subscribe to our channel at: Mount Olivet United Church of Christ (please note to spell ‘Mount’ out fully at this website).

3) One Call Now - it’s a recorded message of church events and/or services that are coming up; plus, you can also opt to receive prayer requests. We need your phone number to receive the service (again contact Stacey at the office 330-549-2169 to signup).

4) Zoom - this is an interactive way to see and hear one another through your computer, iPad or phone. As will be noted below, Tammie Jones is hosting this platform. If you would like to be part of the group or get more info contact Tammie at

5) Mt. Olivet’s website - is a central location where you can find all the above information and clickable links to the videos. Visit

Once connected, we are working on maintaining your wellbeing in three ways:

  1. Spiritually - Sunday Worship services are available through both Facebook and YouTube links. I’m calling, texting, or emailing all of you to check in and see if you need anything. You can also call, text or email me if you need to: 330-446-8188 or

  2. Socially - if you’re in need of some facetime with your church family, be part of the Sunday School class, Movers and Seekers. Tammie Jones hosts a Zoom get together Saturday nights at 7pm. We are working through the book ‘The Shack’. You don’t need to have read the book or watched the movie to join us, it’s good social interaction time. To signup, or if you’d like more info, contact Stacey at the office.

  3. Physically - even though we are confined (most of us, most of the time), it doesn’t mean we can’t be exercising. We’ve created a video of stretching and strengthening that duplicates the Wellness Workshop workouts from last summer (available on Facebook and YouTube links). Exercise bands that we use in the video are available at the church, hanging outside on the door handle of the office entrance doors. There will also be advanced workout videos for those of you that want to push the envelope to have more of a challenge.

We will continue to create ways to stay connected to you and maintain your wellbeing as whole people of God, as a church family, remembering that we will get through this together.

Blessings, Pastor Michael

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