Wellness Workshop

Starting in May (dates and times to be determined), I will be leading a one-hour wellness workshop as part of my Doctor of Ministry program.

Sixteen participants (45 years and older) will meet in New Fellowship Hall. The workshop starts by hearing inspiring scripture and prayer. To be followed by fun music while we exercise; doing walking, stretching and exercise bands for resistance training. Everyone can work at their own pace and ability.

We will also enjoy samples of healthy food choices. This will include nutritious, blended drinks, and other healthy food options that promote living a healthier lifestyle.

We will choose ‘support partners’ to encourage one another through this four-week workshop process, and hopefully beyond. The goal of the project is to improve well-being through wholeness (physically, spiritually and socially). Simple survey and interview questions will be asked, and your responses will be kept confidential, and collected as part of my dissertation thesis.

A sign-up sheet will be posted soon! Please note that participants should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the workshops. Here’s to a healthier you!

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