Sign of the Times

This sign was posted on a house fence “Beware of dog…the cat is not trustworthy either.”

Are you trustworthy? Can you keep confidences? Do you do what you say?

This sign was posted at a park “Bottomless pit…65 feet.”

Do we tell the truth? Or do we say a partial version that best fits the moment?

This sign found on a boat that states “Co-pilot checklist 1) Don’t touch anything 2) Keep your mouth shut”

Do we play well with others? Is it my way or the highway?

Is anger an issue?

This sign inside a deli states “No senior discounts. You have had twice as long to get the money.”

Do we respect elders? Do we respect others (who might be different) in general?

This appeared outside a fast food restaurant “Today’s special… buy one fish and chips for the price of two and receive a second fish and chips absolutely free!”

Do we deceive? Are we looking for ways get ahead at the expense of others?

And finally this sign was posted at an outside entrance to a park “Notice… thank you for noticing this new notice…Your noticing it will be noted.”

In this Lenten season do we take notice of a sign that is for all time; that can lead us to change our ways…This sign was found on a hill at Calgary.

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