New Membership & Mount Olivet History Class

Sunday 02/19/17

Are you a new member at Mount Olivet ?

Thinking of joining?

Long term member but want to learn more about the traditions of the UCC and the history of Mount Olivet Church?

This Sunday is the perfect opportunity!  Directly after worship on Sunday,  we're having a combination New Membership/Mount Olivet History Class and we invite you stay after worship and learn more.  

Right after worship, we'll enjoy a quick pizza lunch.  We'll take a quick count during worship so we can be sure to have enough pizza for everyone who can stay for the program. 

First, Pastor Michael will lead a discussion on the United Church of Christ denomination.  Learn about the history of the UCC and the 4 traditions that the UCC was born out of: 

  • Congregational 

  • Christian

  • Evangelical

  • Reformed

The history and polity of the UCC are truly unique among the major Christian denominations.  

2nd, we'll learn more about Mount Olivet which has been a part of our community for more than 200 years.  Long time members Ray and Kay Hurd will lead a lively and informative discussion about the History of Mount Olivet.  

Finally.... Did we mention that we're having Pizza ?